A new twist on a scam

As long as I get these questionable emails, I will continue to publish them on this blog. Many of these published emails are found by someone using search engines and entering keywords in the emails. If just one realizes that these are scams before they move forward the effort is worth it.

Attention: Beneficiary.

Let me start by introducing myself, I am MRS STELLA ENUANI,THE CHAIRPERSON IMAGE RECONCERN

GROUP,UNDER THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIR. I was directed by DR Good Jonathan   President of

Federal republic of Nigeria and the Executive Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

(EFCC) Chief Mrs.Farida Mzamber Waziri (A.I.G R.T.D)to notify you on the investigation that took

place here in Nigeria.

In regards with the investigation that has happened recently here in Nigeria we noticed that you

are dealing with some Nigerians who claimed you have money with them and they have failed to make

you get the money and you lost so much money during this process,we are currently paying so many

people with the same problem, so I have been directed by the settlement committee held by our new

elected president DR Good Luck Jonathan  to include you in our payment roll.This is as result of

the recent provision in the 2009 / 2010 fiscal year budget that was made for scammed victims.

We are directed to pay a sum of $7.6million to each of the victims,but due to large number of

enrollment we have, we  are hereby paying a sum $6 000,000.00 ( six million U.S.D)

Find below is dispatcher  contact information.

NAME: Rev G.A Adaba


phone number:+234-8065757495

Note: The government of Nigeria has presently re straight a measure to apprehend and bring to 

law any individual or cooperate body caught in this act .

You are advice to disregard any email and forward the emails to this contact.(Rev G.A Adaba )

On behalf of   President DR Good Luck JONATHAN  and the people of  Nigeria, we are truly sorry for

the inconveniences and for what you encounter from the Nigerians that make you lose so much money

please speak well about Nigeria in your country as soon as you get Receive this you are

to forward to us your full information such as your house address and your full name a copy of

your i.d card and your Direct telephone number for immediate delivery,bear it in mind that you

will ask to pay for insurance fee which will cost you only $155 because we need to insure your

fund so that it will be release and deliver to you while my government will take care of delivery

fee on your behalf.remember that is the only fee you will paying before reciving your

compensation fund i will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible thank you.



I am getting flooded with these scam emails

WOW, a 15 million visa card, that sounds great!


Dear sir,

              RE:RELEASE OF FUND:

By the power of my office as the new President of Federal Republic Nigeria having taken over from the late President Umaru Musah Yar Dua on Thursday being 6th of May 2010, I have to inform you that while going through files of unpaid funds received from CBN by this government following my observations on the wrong attitudes of the US Financial Authorities ,World Bank Directors, CBN Governor officials and some bank directors towards your payment.

I came across  file on as the true beneficiary to the estate of Late Engr. Ramon Surra on  Approved payment of fund of USD15,000,000.00 while going through Inheritance and Contract payment files and have picked interest and verified the cause of delays which are well noted.

I have resolved for the option to pay you,Through a fully loaded International Visa ATM card. In this arrangement The Visa card is ready with your outstanding fund value and will be dispatched with all relevant access information to enable you withdraw cash from any ATM machine of your choice and transfer to any account of your choice upon receipt, this option is strictly for this purpose to avoid question or disagreement between you and the financial authorities.

In a case where the beneficiary has received the ATM previously and he/she is unable to effectly withdraw or transfer into your local bank account for usage, you are hereby adviced to contact the Financial Adviser to Mr President on Contractors payment.

Name: Yakowa Sule 



Also Payment by wire transfer option is available for those who prefer wire transfer, but our secured and guaranteed mode of payment is by cash card.

Yours faithfully,

Mr.Bart Dungan

For Mr. President

Times are so bad in Nigeria the government has to use a free gmail email address.   Mr.Bart Dungan (