EBAY secret shopper scam

Recently received this email about a secret shopper. It sure sounds inviting, however it is a scam to get your hard earned money.

Here is another link also reporting on this scam http://www.ripoffreport.com/work-at-home-business/ebay-secret-shopper/ebay-secret-shopper-llc-david-a34db.htm

ABOUT US EBay Secret Shopper® LLC is the premier mystery shopping company; serving clients across America and Canada with over 500,000 shoppers available and ready to help businesses serve their customers better. Continual investment in the latest internet and communication technologies coupled with over 18 years of know-how means working with EBay Secret Shopper® LLC is a satisfying and rewarding experience. Mystery shoppers are either paid a pre-arranged fee for a particular shop, a reimbursement for a purchase or a combination of both. Secret Shopper® is available for immediate assignment, an inspection of the customer service of any Wal-Mart in your area. You are to shop secretly and invest just a little time to get things done. This fee will be paid upfront. During this shop you will visit the location and make several observations as regards the customer service.You will be required to interact with the shop clerk.The assignment will pay $300.00 per duty Kindly Fill Out the application form below and we will get back to you shortly with the assignment:

1. Full Legal Names:… 2. Mailing Address: City: State: Zip-Code….3. Telephone Numbers( Cell & Home )

Thank you for your help. We look forward to working with you .


Jack Carpenter Employment Manager

EBay Secret Shopper® LLC

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