Msn scam

This is so phony. Do these scammers really expect someone to take this serious and click or follow their instructions?

Attention MSN Customer,

My name is Susan Williams, Vice President of MSN. We have recently teamed up with Apple and Facebook for a one-time promotional event today and are giving away free Apple iPads to randomly selected people who have an account with MSN or Facebook. YOU have been selected as one of our newest winners for today. We randomly choose numbers to match up with MSN email addresses and your email address matched with our latest drawing. We’ve partnered up with Apple to advertise their hottest product yet, the Apple iPad 3. Just like our last promotion when the first iPad launched, the iPad 3 promotion is for one-day only. Simply visit: and enter your email address to claim yours for FREE. Make sure you enter your email address so we can locate our records to guarantee that we have reserved one for you. That’s it! Congratulations on winning a free Apple iPad 3 ($800 value). In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me directly. However, you should claim your iPad first to ensure one will be set-aside for you before the deadline ends. We do understand that you may possibly receive this email after the deadline ends. However, we highly recommend you check the site and enter your email anyway to see if yours is still on hold. During our last promotion we had several unclaimed iPads because others hadn’t claimed theirs in time and they never checked back after the deadline.

Susan Williams VP, Corporate Communications MSN, Inc.

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