It’s going to get harder to get a passport

Did you know this?

Learning about this information I remember the following event I had.

Back in 1975 I crossed the Iron Curtain between Hungary and Vienna. This was a very chilling situation. When we got thirty miles away from the border the tour guide was getting off the tour bus. She was asked why and she “replied that she was not allowed to go any closer to the border. ” The border was very chilling. We sat in the tour bus for 45 minutes while the border guards gathered all our passports and took them into the office to check them out and make sure no one was attempting to sneak out.

The border was defoliated for 200 yards and had high machine gun towers  in the center. This was a site you don’t forget.

This kind of passport questionnaire makes me very uncomfortable. In my opinion, I am getting the feeling the United States is leaning towards a strict police state just like the former Soviet Union, and the Communists did not have to fire a shot.

In ten or fifteen years will more people be trying to get out of the country than trying to get in? This is a chilling thought.

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