A typical example of a hijacked email scam

Here is a prime example of an email you may receive if a friend of yours has had their email hijacked. This is just another form of identity theft.


I need your help. I am in Scotland, U.K for a Seminar. Unfortunately, I was robbed on way to the hotel and all valuables and money were stolen. I need you to lend me

$2,880 so I can pay my hotel bill and fly home. I will pay back upon my safe arrival. I have no access to phone here and it is difficult to get help. That is why I am sending this email.

I am not hurt and will be fine with your support. Go to Western Union to send me the money so I can go to the bank with my passport to pick it up. They said it is the best way for me to receive money since I don’t have an account and it will be available in minutes.

Here is the information to send me money:

Name: Some friend or acquaintance you know
Address: 101 TAY STREET

I will need the Control Number from Western Union and other payment information to receive the money here. Kindly treat as urgent and get back to me soon with the

western union receipt or payment details.


Someone in your address book

Finally, the hijacked owner of the email becomes aware of the scam and sends out an email similar to the below. Unfortunately, how much money has been scammed before this email is sent out.

Hi all  I am fine  no emergency  I’m not in Scotland I’m home in Kansas City.  I’ve been hacked  working with yahoo on problem now  sorry for any inconvience,  Freddie

Someone in your address book

One comment

  1. I did have a similar email (about a person I did not intend to help) a month or so ago and was ready to look up the source, google 101 Tay Street, and find your helpful comment.

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