Another email from Ghana (oh Boy!)

I’m passing up another answer to my prayers.

Dear Friend,
My name is Mr.ABEDI GYAN, I am an accountant in accounting department of Ministry of Mines and Energy Ghana. Also am a member of contracts awarding committee of this ministry under Ghana government. This mail may come to you as a surprise but be rest assured that this is not a hoax mail. I write to solicit your assistance in a funds transfer deal involving US$5,500,000:00M.
Two years ago, Ghana government asked my committee to award contracts to foreign firms, which I and my colleague With our good position, deliberately over invoiced the contract sum to the tune of US$5,500,000:00.
The contracts value has been paid off to the actual contractors that executed these jobs, all I want now is a trusted foreign partner like you that we shall front with the banking account number to Claim the over inflated sum. All I require is your honest cooperation an confidence in me which I know would not come easy. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate background that will protect you from any breach of the law. I would advise that you give this positive consideration and get back to me soon.
I’ll be flexible and considerate in the percentage share that will be given to you for your assistance I know there may be scams and junk mails on the internet but certainly, this is not one. Please do not fail to understand that in spite of all that, opportunities of this kind still abound. If you have ever wished or prayed for something good to come your way, now I urge you to take this message seriously and with an open mind,you could never know.
This may be an answer to your prayers.I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Bye And God Bless,

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