A new kind of scam twist

I am drenched with tears reading this sob story. It is so sad that 
they won’t get a response from me
I am drenched with tears while writing this short message
 to you.
It was heartbreaking news to me few  days ago when my doctor
notified me on complications on my health condition which he
 officially made known to me. He further stressed that the
complication I had in my human mechanism as a result of a
secondary liver cancer which have destroyed all the organs in my
body system.  According to him, he said that this complication
will lead to my imminent death since no medication can alleviate
the high system of deformation I am encountering at this time in
my system.   In the view of the above, I am in quest to find a trustworthy
and upright individual whom I will entrust the sum of $3.2
million USD and this   has led me to you. The said fund was
acquired by me as  an inheritance from my adopted father who
died as a result of political crisis which erupted among his most
political associate and business clique.   I will make available
to you all information and officially
authorize document which will endorse your claim as the beneficiary
to the fund in question in the finance house where the fund was
lodged by my adopted father. I have mapped out the modalities on
how the fund will be apportioned. 35% of the principal amount of
the money will be dished out to you while 65% will be allotted
to any charitable or orphanage home of your preference.  
My motive to dispense the funds to a charity and orphanage home
is that I grew up as an orphan and do not have any heirs hitherto.  
 Upon your acceptance to this proposal kindly get back to me through
this email:

Best Regards
Mrs. Farida Jordan
Received from this email address  contraloria@crc.gov.co

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