Month: March 2011

Now the United Nations says I have tons of money

If I have all kinds of money due me, why don’t you just send me
 a check and be done with it. After all it’s not your money.

Internal Audit , Monitoring, Consulting and Investigations
Division 5H087 Washington,
DC 20233,United States of America

ATTN: BENEFICIARY This is to inform you that I came to Nigeria
 yesterday from
United States of America, after series of complaints from the
FBI and other Security agencies from Asia, Europe, Oceania,
 Antarctica, South America and the United States of America
 respectively, against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the
 British Government for the rate of scam activities going on in
 these two nations.

Right now, as directed by our secretary general Mr. Ban Ki-Moon.
 We are working in collaborations with the Nigerian Economic and
 Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI). We have decided to waive away all your
clearance fees/Charges and authorize the Government of Nigeria
to effect the payment of your compensation of an amount of
 US$1,500,000.00 approved by both the British government and the
 UN into your account without any delay. We already have your
name in our Claimant List as stipulated in article 41 of the
Provisional Rules for claims.The Governing Council therefore
devised a mechanism for the allocation of available funds to
successful claimants that gave priority to the three urgent
categories of claims and which, within each category, would
give equal treatment to similarly situated claims. Only when
each successful claimant in categories "A", "B" and "C" had
been paid an initial amount up to US$1,500,000.00, thereafter
other payments commence for claims in ot

In conformity with the Provisions of article 40, paragraph 5
of the Rules, Information concerning the identities of individual
 claimant will not be made publicly.

See our press release below:

Now your new payment approved numbers are follows

United Nation Approval No; Un5685p,White House Approved
 No: Wh44cv,Reference
 No.-35460021,Allocation No: 674632Pin Code No: 55674
Certificate of Merit Payment
 No: 103,World Bank Released Code No: 0763;

We are conducting a standard Process investigation on behalf
federal credit Union Bank, United State Of America, The private
 banking arm of the international banking conglomerate. This
 investigation involves, a man Who Came To our Office Claiming To
 be your true representative. Here is his information for you to
 confirm to this office if this man is truly from you or not as
 the government will not be held responsible for wrong transfer.

For Paying Into The Wrong Account.Name: Mr. Edward MarshBank 
Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Bank Address: California, USA.Account Number: 6503809428.

Please reconfirm to this office, As a matter of urgency if this
man Is From you. As a matter Of Fact, we have actually been
authorized by the newly appointed UN Secretary General, and
the Governing body Of The United Nations Monetary Unit to
investigate the unnecessary delay of your fund payment.
However, we shall proceed to issue all payments details to the
 said Mr. Edward Marsh, If we do not hear from you within The
 next Seven working days from today.

I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would
like you to urgently respond to this message so that I can
advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account
within the next 72 hours.


Mitchell GoldsteinInvestigation Department (UN)Tel: +234-709-230-4595

Another method to get my personal information

Another email I received to attempt to get my personal information. It is a shame a small percentage of internet users will fall for this kind of scam,

Dear Good Friend

We wish to notify you again that you are listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of 10,600,000.00G.B.P (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds) in the council and last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you). We contacted you because of your good name to the society and basically we can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance. All the legal papers will be processed in your acceptance to this deal. We request that you kindly forward to us your acceptance Notification; your current telephone and fax numbers and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary documents for the release of this sum of money.

Please contact me for further details of the funds.

Yours Faithfully,
Pirez Russo

Another twist on a potential scam

From the Office of Ambassador Terence P. McCulley
United States of American Ambassador to the
Federal Republic of Nigeria
I was informed this morning by the Alhaji Umaru Bello Girei, the Remittance Director
Central Bank of Nigeria about two men in the persons of Mr. michael Vance and an
Attorney Barrister John Williams, of J. Williams & Associates.
These men had approached the Central Bank of Nigeria, with a "Power of Attorney,
claiming that due to some inevitable circumstances beyond your control (ILL HEALTH) that
you would not be able to conclude or carry out your obligation to receive your
entitlements from the Central Bank of Nigeria and therefore wish that your fund be
transferred to your friend Mr. Michael Vance from USA, who is presently taking care of
your businesses here in New York.
This Fund valued at US$10 Million had been programmed to be transferred to a bank
account with the Capital One Bank. Find the Bank Account information as they have
presented to the Intercontinental Bank Plc below;
Capital One, N.A.
115 Forest Avenue
Glen Cove, New York 11542
Account Number: 5800394491
Account Name: michael Vance
Swift Code: NFBKUS 33
ABA Routing Number: 021407912
The Central Bank of Nigeria had called my attention to this to find out if you’re
really sick and had given this authorization. So if you’re not aware of this please get
back to this office and let me know so I can notify the Central Bank of Nigeria
immediately to stop the transfer.
Finally I will want you to advice on this and get to this office with the following
1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile
3) Company name, position and address.
4) Profession,
And Also confirm your interest in working with me so that these fund will be transferred
to you as all modalities will be carefully worked out and details will be given to you
once I receive your response to this email.
Best Regards,
Ambassador Terence P. McCulley
United States of American Ambassador to the
Federal Republic of Nigeria

The latest scam letter

Here is another email I just received. It interested me so much I had to find out where the Republic of Benin is. I am sure there is some charity that can use my portion of the wealth from this offer.

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail. With my position as ex-Deputy Minister of Finance and awarding committee Republic Of Benin, the said funds are residue of over invoiced contract sum executed by various companies; the companies that supplied these items have already been paid out as we agreed to left with the balance of this (US$ 16,846,755.00) which will be transferred to an account that will be provided by you.
The whole legal back up documents shall be secured to give this deal a legal status.
The Fund which is suspended in our banker grand account awaiting claims from any foreign partner of my choice because the committee which I head intends paying all outstanding balance to the contractors as we are winding up our activities since the aim of setting up the committee is almost concluded.
For transparency, here is my brief background to know whom you are dealing with. I am 53 years old born in Cotonou-Benin with 3 children, two boys and one girl, and I would like to know more about you also, your occupation, address, telephone number and passport copy for my confidence.
As an account owner for this transfer, You will be entitled to 40% of the total fund (US$ 16,846,755.00), 10% will be set aside to take care of any incidental charges which might arise in the course of the transaction While the balance 50% will be for my investment in your country. I want to re-assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free as it has been covered from any act of enquiry from whatsoever.
NOTE: This transaction will be strictly based on the following terms and conditions as I stated below:
(a) My conviction of your transparent honesty and diligence.
(b) That you would treat this transaction with utmost secrecy and confidentiality.
(c) That you will not ask for more share thereby try to sit on the funds, once it is under your custody and start any form of blackmail on my person to allow you run away with this fund.
(d) That upon receipt of the funds you will release my share of the fund as instructed by me after you have removed your share of 40% and 10% for any expenses that might accrue from the total amount before my arrival in your country as it might take me time to retire and get my travel documents ready before my arriving.
(e) That in your response to this email I will draft an agreement which will be sign for both parties and afterward the bank will transfer the money to your designated bank account.
We hope to conclude this deal within 7-14 working days if you accord me your unalloyed support and co-operation.
Please I do not need a joker therefore if you are not going to participate full in this transaction; you are free to say NO now that the transaction has not started as I will not like any disappointment in between the transaction rather lets us be ordinary friends .We have to do everything to protect this deal as here lies our future.
Awaiting to hear from you soon.
Thanks God Bless You.
Stephen Gorge.

This looks awful phishy to me

This email looks suspicious to me. First, the return email address is a hotmail account. I am almost positive MSN would not use a hotmail email address. Secondly, Internet 101 states never respond to an email asking for your password and username. Unfortunately, there are ones out in cyber land that will respond to this kind of email and their account and possibly finances will be compromised. It is too bad there are cyber land crooks looking to find an easy buck.

Dear Account User,

This message is from our data base center to all Msn account owners. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center. We are deleting all unused accounts to create more space for new accounts. To prevent your account from closing in 72 hours, you will have to update it below so we will know that it’s a presently used account. To do this, You have to click on your reply button to reply back to this message and then you fill the information below.

* Username : ………………………..
* Password: ………………………….
* Date of Birth: ………………………
* Country Or Territory: ……………

Play audio and
enter the 10 numbers you

8 characters


Enter the 8 characters you see


10.5 million just waiting for a reply

I received this email recently. Here is another get rich scheme, waiting for a response. Does anyone respond to this stuff?

I work with a bank In West Africa,Burkina faso .I have a business transaction for you.
In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of $10.5 Million US Dollars .In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with his entire family in car bomb in Iraq.
Since his supposed next of kin died along side with him at the Bomb blast,there is nobody to claim the left over balance in the account.It is therefore upon this discovery that I and other officials in my department decided to seek your assistance and present you to the bank as his Next of kin.
If you accept i would give you the guide lines of how we can achieve this transfer of the balance (10.5Million Dollars) to your account.and we will shear the money 50-50%.
I expect that you will give me your telephone and fax numbers for easy communication with you and for more details.
Best Regards
Mr Paul Goodman
phone number 0022678034394