Another get your account information scam

Do they really expect anyone to respond to emails like this?

Attn; Beneficiary:

The Board of International Monetary Fund/World Bank and Federal Ministry of Finance Benin Republic are here to notify you of your payment inherited funds of $1.2M USD have arranged to be transfer to you through HEADQUARTER WESTERN UNION SERVICE After the meeting held on 11th of FEBRUARY 2011. with His Excellence the PRESIDENT OF REPUBLIC DU BENIN (DR YAYI BONI) to avoid paying money to the fraud stars that is going on through the global or fraud stars Bankers, and you are required to reconfirm your name and address were you want your fund to be send through HEADQUARTER WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

The maximum amount you will be receiving each day starting from tomorrow is the sum of US$5000.00.until the total fund is finished. In order to resolve this problem, please email Western Union Money Transfer Solicitors Fund Verification Department:

And We have already transfer your first $5000.00 so Contact Foreign Operation Manager western union DR. BEN TOM, for re-new and reconfirm of your file and He will also send you M.T.C.N for your picking up your first $5000.00 with info below.


E-mail: (
phone; +229-984-868-53
Yours in service.
Ms.Pate Finance Minister.
Federal Republic of Benin.

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