Hi capacity laptop battery

I have had this Dell B130 laptop since 2007. It was the cheapest laptop I could find at the time. I was planning on taking a trip to Italy and I wanted a laptop to download the photos I was planning to take on the trip. The main reason was just a source for backup of all the photos I planned to take. It worked well for that purpose. However, with the original battery I was lucky to get over an hour and half of battery time. This was ok because I was always near a power source.

Now I have a reason to use the laptop that may require more time on the battery than available with the original battery. I went to the Dell website to see what was available from Dell since it was a Dell product. The battery they offered had a price of $137.00. This shocked me. I paid less than $500.00 for the complete laptop. It was obvious to me that Dell was not really interested in supplying replacement batteries.

I then went to my second choice of Amazon.com. I found a super-capacity Lithium-Ion battery for only $40.81. I decided to try it because that is what I was expecting for just a standard replacement battery. This battery has 8800 mah or twice the capacity of the standard battery. This was ordered Feb. 6th and it was at my doorstep yesterday Feb. 10th. Only four days delivery with free freight and no sales tax. This kind of service and pricing sure makes it difficult for a local retailer to compete with.

I installed the battery and I am very pleased with the performance and life of the battery. Fully charged the battery indicator shows around six hours  of working time before a recharge is needed. This is more than I need and this additional battery life has re-ignited my interest in this four year old laptop. Sure, it weighs a little more and the height of the battery sets the back of the laptop maybe one half or three quarters of an inch higher. These minor problems are easy to accept because the advantages more than outweigh these minor changes.

For example, this morning I started the laptop on battery around 7:30 this morning. I periodically used it through out the morning and it is now 11:30. Checking the battery life indicator and it still shows a remaining charge of over 5 hours. If this true I am more than satisfied with this high capacity battery and now wish I would have considered one long before now.

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