Blogging made easier

I am not a promoter of Microsoft, but, Windows Live Writer sure makes blogging easier. It has been around for a while. I don’t try all the new bells and whistles though. I am hesitant to load all these programs that is suppose to make your life easier.

I would not have loaded Windows Live Writer on my laptop but I wasn’t paying attention when the offer to upgrade Windows Live Messenger popped up. Windows Live Writer was part of the download and I did not catch that.

After I realized that I downloaded it I might as well try it. Linking to WordPress was easy. Now that I have tried it out it is much easier than using the WordPress blog entry process.

What I really like is the ease of adding a link or a photo to a blog entry. To add a link just click on insert hyperlink and follow the easy instructions.


This is simple to add a link

Adding a photo is just as easy. Click on insert a picture and follow the instructions.


You do have to be careful to have the cursor located where you want the insertion to be placed.

Now, since I tried Windows Live Writer, I think I will like it. It sure makes blogging easier and faster.

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