The American Dream is Dead

March 22, 2010 in front of my eyes I saw the American dream killed. My respect for the presidency and the president has disappeared. We now are a dictatorship is disguise as a republic. My respect for the Senate and the House has also disappeared. For over a year this Congress has bought, bribed and corrupted the entire system of legislation. Contrary to public opinion this Congress passed a piece of legislation that satisfies special agendas and shredded the Constitution for selfish power hungry progressives. It took the progressives close to a hundred years to kill the American dream. Now they have succeeded.

America is no longer the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world. America used to be above other countries. Now we are no better than China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba or Iran. I have lost all respect for our government and the direction this country is going. All the lives lost defending this country in the past has suddenly become wasted.

Now you can feed me, cloth me, keep me warm and when you decide it is time for me to go, kill me.

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