Another politician drops out

I was reading the paper this morning. Yes, I still read the paper with my morning coffee. On page 4 was the headline, “Mass. congressman calls it quits.”  Rep. William Delahunt has decided not to run for re-election.  The seven term congressman stated that his retirement has nothing to do with politics. I think, yeah right, in my opinion it has all to do with politics.

Many Dems are dismissing the anger many voters are displaying. They are ignoring The Tea Party movement and even the anger in their own district. I don’t know how many politicians have decided  not to run in November, but I would speculate that is more than usual.

The Dems may get healthcare cramed down the voters throats, but I predict that this arrogance will cost them in November and many have decided to give up the ship for a brighter day.


  1. Republicans want want failure, they want things like the insurance companies to continue to rake in billions and to keep the unwealthy at a disadvantage. The infrastructures portion was what we needed to get us going in advancing our country to come into the present but the old conservatives who want to go back to the “simpler times” (ie. slavery, and racial discrimination via lower education). Our country and everyday people need help due to bad financial policy and they are just not getting it. Who is getting it? Big business. God bless America.

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