Thank you Massachusetts voters

In November of 2008 I see the progressive train leave the station. In January 2009 the train begins to build up speed. At the station of Minnesota it is momentarily slowed by Coleman and Franken. Franken boards the train with a questionable ticket. Now the train is building up speed. It zips past the Omnibus bill; the 787 billion stimulus bill is passed quickly and the healthcare industry is the next station. Voters are ignored and the arrogance of the crew is observed. In the meantime companies are bailed out, terrorist events are dismissed as individual cases and the debt zooms to 12 trillion dollars. The passengers yell out, “enough is enough”, the arrogant crew promptly dismiss their calls. All appears to be lost.

Next stop is Massachusetts; the train has a full head of steam and appears to be able to barrel through this station with ease. Wait a minute, there is a Brown warning signal down the track. Is this the sign to slow this speeding train? Against all odds Brown slows the progressive train and allows the passengers another day. Thank you Massachusetts voters for slowing the progressive train and giving the American voters a chance to stop this train in its tracks.

Two hundred and thirty-five years ago you were helping a struggling nation. Again, you come through for a nation that is fighting a new adversary in this struggle to survive. Thank you, Massachusetts voters.

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