Letter to Colorado Senators and House Degette

For the first time in my life I have donated to another states senatorial campaign. This is because I am totally upset with this out of control Congress and I want to see this Congress stopped in their tracks before this wonderful country is destroyed. I am sick and tired of hearing about the bribes and payoffs to special interest groups while the wishes of the voters are ignored. Nebraska’s sweetheart deal, union’s Cadillac healthcare plans exemptions from being taxed, are just a couple of the obvious payoffs and corruption practiced by this unethical Congress. The closed door proceedings are obvious to me that Congress is not very proud of what they are attempting to shove down the throats of American voters. This country is 12 trillion dollars is debt and yet more and more spending is proposed in Congress. It is obvious that you are a member of this problem and I will be volunteering my time and effort to vote you out of office. I will vote for Mickey Mouse before I vote for you.


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