What happened to the American form of government?

I am over sixty-five and for many years I was proud of the United States and government for the people, by the people. What I have seen and heard lately I am beginning to wonder what happened to this country that I was so proud of.

In the past months there has been bills written behind closed doors and in secrecy. The bills are gigantic and not read by many legislators. Every bill has to be voted on in a rush.  Hurry, hurry or the country will crash and crumble. It appears that the originators of these bills are not very proud of their work and they have something to hide in their legislation. This group of politicians shows their obvious arrogance toward the American voter. You voted us in so we have the privilege of doing whatever we want to.

This current healthcare reform is a prime example of this legislative arrogance. When it does come up for a vote this vote has been in the off hours hoping that the voters have other business and the vote will sneak through before anyone notices. All polls show that the majority of the voters now oppose the current healthcare bill, yet Congress continues to arrogantly move on cramming this down the voter’s throats.

It appears that open bribery is a common event now. Senator Ben Nelson receives a sweetheart deal for the State of Nebraska. Mary Landrieu’s price was only 300 million dollars to buy her vote. I am sure there was always behind the door bribery, but now bribery is becoming open and obvious.

During the campaign the President stated he will veto all bills that contain earmarks and pork and yet recently he signed a 1.1 trillion dollar bill that was loaded with pork and earmarks. What happened to that campaign promise? Oh, well it was only words.   

The country owes over 12 trillion dollars, yet that 1.1 trillion dollar bill just signed had a fourteen percent increase in expenditures. The Federal employees receive a two percent salary increase when the rest of the country is struggling to keep their heads above water. Social Security beneficiaries do not receive an increase for 2010 because inflation has remained stable. If that is the case why do Federal employees receive a two percent increase and expenditures receive a 14 percent increase? The only segment of the economy that has expanded recently is government.

These are just a few examples of the decline of government for the people by the people. I have been saying for many years that America will never be destroyed by a military power. This fine country will be destroyed from within by corruption and special interests. I may be a member of the last generation that remembers how great this country used to be. I speculate in fifteen-twenty years I will not even recognize the country I used to love so much, that is if I am not forced to die before my time.


  1. I share your concerns as well. The government is becoming too powerful. Wonder could this be a result of the financial crisis when people give too much space for governments to act on their own?

    Sometimes, I don’t know if they are doing this for the sake of the citizens or for the sake of leaving a legacy or whatever!

  2. @FENG, as Rahm Emanuel said when speaking of the financial crisis, we should ‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste’. I’d say he’s doing his best to not waste any time.

    2tts – I think the government we currently have can be summarized with the following quote “When you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on Paul’s support”. It’s sad.

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