Open letter to Congress

I am sharing this because I know you are busy bankrupting this great nation. In your busy schedule you may have not seen the December 10th CNN polling data on healthcare reform. Here is a brief rundown, 61% of the American voters are against the current healthcare bill. 79% think the federal budget deficit will increase and 85% think their taxes will go up with this reform. It is obvious to me that the majority of this country is against this radical change to their healthcare. Yet you arrogantly go ahead and attempt to cram this down your voter’s throats. This arrogance is disgusting. It appears that Congress does not listen to the voters. The special interest groups and agendas now trump the voters’ wishes.

I am just one angry voter because of this blatant display of Congressional arrogance. The big question is how many angry voters are out there? Congress appears to have forgotten that they work for their voters. In November 2010 they may just find out how many angry voters are out there.

If Congress was really concerned about the economy and the ten percent unemployment they would set aside this healthcare disaster and that cap and trade bill waiting in the sidelines. Uncertainty in the marketplace is the reason for businesses being reluctance to hire employees. Businesses don’t know how much this healthcare reform is going to cost and how that cap and trade bill will affect their bottom line. Also, that 12 trillion dollar debt is another 800 lb gorilla in the room. Jobs won’t increase until the uncertainty of these items is removed from the picture. However, the arrogance of Congress is standing in the way of solving these problems. It is no wonder Congressional approval is so low.

What side of the problem are you on? Are you one of the arrogant politicians who think they know what is best? Are you one of the Washington DC Lemming’s willing to jump off the cliff for the special interests and agenda’s and end your political career? Or are you one of the few politicians that have a spine and is willing to stand up for the voters of this fine country and do what needs to be done? If you are the latter, stand up and set this healthcare and cap and trade aside. Inject some certainty into this troubled economy. Help those unfortunate voters that are suffering the most because they have lost their jobs and are looking for a future they can be proud of.

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