Obama approval down to 48.9

Real Clear Politics poll has Obama down to an all time approval rating of 48.9. This is an all time low. I have read or heard that this is the most drop of any president serving eleven months in office.

One may ask, why is his popularity dropping so fast?  In my opinion there are many reasons. Much of the country is concerned about the economy, jobs and the skyrocketing debt. What is the President spending his time on? Healthcare, green house gases and an attempt to get the Olympics in Chicago. I feel the priorities of the President do not meet the needs of the country and that may be the main reason his popularity is dropping like a rock.

There are other issues that also affect his approval rating. For example, his slow decision on Afghanistan, the Fort Hood massacre with the denial that it is a terrorist act, and trying the 9-11 terrorists in New York City. Also, the assault on FoxNews did not win votes for him.

One may speculate, is this a one term president?

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