Where was the Afghan urgency?

I just finished watching the President addressing the nation on his decision to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. After watching for thirty minutes or more why the continuation of the Afghan war is necessary I ask where is the urgency? I saw more urgency in the President when he was selling the 787 Billion Dollar stimulus package and the gigantic healthcare reform package. He showed the urgency that the country would pay dearly if those packages were not instituted immediately. I did not see this urgency in his address of the Afghan situation. It took three months to come up with this strategy? In my opinion his slow response to the General’s request marked him as indecisive or even a weak leader.

The President’s speech reminded me that he was more interested in having a withdrawal timetable instead of winning. Now our enemies know that they can lay low for eighteen months and the Americans will be gone. The Afghans are put in a tight situation. Who do they align with now? If they align with the Americans they may face genocide when America leaves. How do our allies feel about this posture? Sure the President did state that eighteen month commitment depended on the conditions on the ground. I feel he should have left out the commitment completely.

Did the President rally the country behind him? Time will tell. He did not rally me? No, just because he did not show the urgency and his total commitment. I was a disappointed in his speech.

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