Month: December 2009

It’s still a Christmas tree

It was a Christmas tree when I was five years old and it is still a Christmas tree now that I am over 65. It will always be a Christmas tree. I will never call it a holiday tree. I will never be political correct. I will never give into the trend that this country should be careful not to offend anybody at the expense of our own beliefs and traditions.

I was born and raised a Christian and I am still a Christian. Some may say that I am not a very good Christian but that is for another time. When I was young there were Jewish people, Hindus and Buddhist. Maybe there were even a few Muslims, I don’t remember because it was not that important to me. I did not become offended when I am exposed to Hanukkah, Ramadan or any other symbol of some other denomination.

When I greet people I say Merry Christmas, not happy holidays. That is my tradition and I am not giving it up. They can respond with Happy Hanukkah or holy Ramadan or happy holiday, whatever fits their tradition. I won’t be offended and I don’t understand why a simple merry Christmas may offend them. A simple greeting is not an attempt to convert them to my tradition. It is just a greeting of my tradition.

Therefore, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May we all enjoy peace and prosperity in the years to come.


Senator Bennet is in trouble

I think Senator Bennet is beginning to realize he is in trouble with the Colorado voters for the November 2010 election. He attempts to explain his vote for the healthcare disaster by slamming his fellow Democrats. 

 Have you heard this before? “I voted for it, but I really didn’t vote for it.” All polls indicate Bennet is trailing any opponent, even Mickey Mouse.

Are Senate bribes illegal?

It took some sweetheart deals from Harry Reid to obtain 60 votes for the healthcare bill passage. Senator Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu broker deals that fit their states unique benefit. Some call it sweetheart deals and they say it is a common pratice in politics. I say it is out and out bribery and could be considered illegal.

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary states that bribery is “money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust”.  Those sweetheart deals sound like bribery to me.

In the dark of night Senators Vote

In the cover of darkness and when most of America was asleep the Senators voted on healthcare reform. After open bribes the Democrats had secured enough votes to pass the bill strictly on party lines. Sixty Demoracts voted the measure and forty Republicans voted against the measure. So much for a bipartisan Congress. Come November the American voters will vote during the day and in the open to start to make the changes that this country needs to survive.

What happened to the American form of government?

I am over sixty-five and for many years I was proud of the United States and government for the people, by the people. What I have seen and heard lately I am beginning to wonder what happened to this country that I was so proud of.

In the past months there has been bills written behind closed doors and in secrecy. The bills are gigantic and not read by many legislators. Every bill has to be voted on in a rush.  Hurry, hurry or the country will crash and crumble. It appears that the originators of these bills are not very proud of their work and they have something to hide in their legislation. This group of politicians shows their obvious arrogance toward the American voter. You voted us in so we have the privilege of doing whatever we want to.

This current healthcare reform is a prime example of this legislative arrogance. When it does come up for a vote this vote has been in the off hours hoping that the voters have other business and the vote will sneak through before anyone notices. All polls show that the majority of the voters now oppose the current healthcare bill, yet Congress continues to arrogantly move on cramming this down the voter’s throats.

It appears that open bribery is a common event now. Senator Ben Nelson receives a sweetheart deal for the State of Nebraska. Mary Landrieu’s price was only 300 million dollars to buy her vote. I am sure there was always behind the door bribery, but now bribery is becoming open and obvious.

During the campaign the President stated he will veto all bills that contain earmarks and pork and yet recently he signed a 1.1 trillion dollar bill that was loaded with pork and earmarks. What happened to that campaign promise? Oh, well it was only words.   

The country owes over 12 trillion dollars, yet that 1.1 trillion dollar bill just signed had a fourteen percent increase in expenditures. The Federal employees receive a two percent salary increase when the rest of the country is struggling to keep their heads above water. Social Security beneficiaries do not receive an increase for 2010 because inflation has remained stable. If that is the case why do Federal employees receive a two percent increase and expenditures receive a 14 percent increase? The only segment of the economy that has expanded recently is government.

These are just a few examples of the decline of government for the people by the people. I have been saying for many years that America will never be destroyed by a military power. This fine country will be destroyed from within by corruption and special interests. I may be a member of the last generation that remembers how great this country used to be. I speculate in fifteen-twenty years I will not even recognize the country I used to love so much, that is if I am not forced to die before my time.

Will the President Veto this pork laden bill?

The Senate approved a 1.1 trillion spending bill that has over 5000 pork projects added on. I distinctly remember hearing the president saying during the campaign, “I will veto any bill that is loaded with pork projects”.

I can hear the comment now. If the bill is not signed the government will shut down and that cannot be allowed. Next time the pork laden bill will be vetoed.

Nothing has changed. It is politics as usual. The change we can believe in is missing in action. After all it was just a campaign promise.