It appears that Senator Bennet won’t read the bill

I read in The Denver Post that Senator Bennet is willing to trade his job for health care reform. With that said he doesn’t need to read the two thousand page bill. He is just going to run off the cliff like one of the Lemmings for the good of the party.  It doesn’t make any difference to him what is in the bill. Good old Bill bennet will be a sacrificial lamb for the party.

This morning I happened to see an un-scientific poll on Facebook. It stated that 61% of the voters oppose the health care bill. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 56% oppose this health care bill and an all time low of 38% supports the bill.  It is obvious that the majority of the voters are not in favor of this gigantic health care reform yet the politicians continue to attempt to cram this down our throats. The current elected officials do not even listen to their voters. They are too busy taking care of themselves, special interest groups and bankrupting the country.

The time has come to fire all these jokers and vote in legislators that represent you and uphold The Constitution of The United States.

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