It’s Time to get Involved

Have you been sitting by when the United State’s debt exceeded twelve trillion dollars? Does this debt make you nervous just like the Chinese bankers that are buying many of our treasury bills? Are you upset that the government wants to take over the healthcare system, which is one sixth of the economy? The latest Gallup poll shows that over one half of the American voters do not feel that healthcare is the governments’ responsibility and yet Congress and the President continues to push for a complete untested overhaul of the voters healthcare system. Are you upset when the voters elected officials will not say the Ft. Hood massacre was an Islamic act of terrorism? Does it anger you when the elected officials act like they tend to take care of special interest groups and their agendas instead of listening to the voter’s desires?

If any of these bother you, it is time to get involved. It is time for the silent majority to speak out and become a piece of the solution and take the country back. I am fed up. I am getting involved. This is the first time in my life that I have ever been energized enough to get off my lazy butt and get involved and contribute my little piece of the effort to return the country to one I love and enjoy. 

You may ask, what can I do? After all I am only one small vote. There are many small things one can do. First, you can contact your elected officials by phone, letter or e-mail and express your views. Another relative new avenue is, start a blog and voice your opinion. There are hundreds of blog sites for you to choose from. You still have freedom of speech for the time being. I have three blogs,, and Do I reach thousands? No. I do reach a quantity of readers and I am able to relay my opinion with this avenue. Do I change anybody’s mind? Probably not, but I do present another viewpoint that the reader can evaluate.   

I also Twitter. If I happen to see something I agree with while surfing the web, I Tweet a link to that site so that some other readers can save time searching for articles. I have noticed that when you Tweet an item you will almost get between ten to twenty hits in a matter of minutes. Your Tweet life span has a very short period. I would speculate one Tweet lasts maybe twenty to thirty minutes and is then lost in the millions of tweets received.  

There are other things you can do from the warmth of your home. Letters to the editor has been around for ages. Talk radio has a large audience and you may fit in that avenue. That may change soon. I have heard and read that the FCC czar is going to attempt to shut down talk radio, as we know it today. I am sure I have missed other ways of becoming involved. 

If you really are motivated there is always volunteering at the local political parties. You can also make political contributions if your finances allow. The next congressional election is only a year away and it is time to take action now. 

I am a registered unaffiliated voter. I am not loyal to any political party. For many years I was a registered Democrat and years back I decided that party did not fit many of my values for the country. However, the Republican Party also was not a fit. I then became unaffiliated and have been unaffiliated for over fifteen years. I am taking the big step and getting involved. My blogs will become more opinionated. I intend to express the dissatisfaction I have for the direction this great country is going. I am very seriously considering going down to the local Republican Party headquarters and offer my volunteering services. I am going to do what I can do to get our country back on a track I can agree with. I want the current politicians looking for a job in 2010 and 2012. 

It is time for me to get involved and active. If you are tired of your elected officials get involved and make a difference.    Your vote and your hard work do count.

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